I’m John Boulton, often known as “Mr Attitudes” as I created attitudes training 25 years ago, after experiencing rubbish customer service, poor sales skills and abysmal communication everywhere I travelled, especially in the UK.

I became determined – obsessed even – to motivate organisations and their people to enjoy what they are doing, and to give exceptional service to their customers whilst still reaping the profits!

There and then I made a life-long commitment to train and coach people, to help improve their service, selling and other business skills, achieve their goals and to help fulfil their dreams with passion and huge success.

Until I launched attitudes training I had worked successfully in publicity and marketing, promotions and advertising which helped me to bring fresh new thinking and ideas to training and coaching approaches, that had become markedly dull.

I have been successful because I’ve given my customers what they want – exactly what it says on the proverbial tin.

I meet with my customers and elicit specific information, so that I can tailor the course closely to their needs.

I then prepare and produce first class training and coaching materials, including goals for delegates to target after the course.

I work with small groups of delegates, usually between 6 and 8 people because then I can really focus on them, get to know them individually, and meet their needs – even on a half-day or one-day course. I also run one-to-one individual training and coaching sessions as required.

I create fun for delegates too, because we all learn better when we are enjoying the experience. It’s a flexible and practical learning culture where they feel comfortable to question, contribute and participate fully – especially in role-play.

I include techniques to help delegates build their confidence and belief in themselves as an integral part of every course, so that they leave with a smile on their faces, strongly motivated for success.

I am very much a people-person and feel fulfilled when what I do fulfils others and helps them to success. I love working with people to improve them and at the same time myself.

Look through my website and you will discover useful feedback from organisations and their most important asset – people, and outlines of the courses. These provide a guide to content, coverage and penetration which can be adapted to your needs. If you need something other than what is listed please let me know.

In addition to my experience in working successfully in thousands of customer-facing situations I am also a Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (FInstSMM) and an NLP Practitioner.

attitudes training is proud to help people to improve themselves, and enjoys presenting them with a prestigious certificate at the end of the experience for their attendance and active participation.

The world’s most powerful marketing tool, the telephone, is sitting on my desk and I look forward to your call.

Best wishes

John Boulton (Mr. Attitudes)


Mob: +44 (0) 7720 910 720



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