20130817_102332Action for A-T

On Saturday 17 August 2013, working with Louisa Mason, from Flavour Tasting and Events in Fernhurst, we raised just over £80 for Action for A-T with a really successful Cheese Tasting Day. All proceeds made on the day went to Action for A-T. What is Action for A-T?? action for at logo A-T stands for Ataxia-Telangiectasia, a rare, neuro-degenerative and progressive condition that starts in early childhood causing severe disability and premature death. Action for A-T has been established to raise money that will be put directly into the medical research  that is trying to find a cure or at least some medical advancement in the treatment of the condition. There is currently no cure for A-T and nothing that can halt its progression. Sufferers are born ‘normal’ and then slowly, from the age of five, start to lose their independence. They will probably be in a wheelchair by the age of ten, if not before, and many cases will need to be fed by tube by the age of twelve.