Our Business Support Services

Since 2012 The Tall Dog has been offering a wide range of Business Support Services, working with you to meet your own individual business needs and requirements.

We understand that every business has different requirements. Equally, however, we recognise that if someone is looking for business support, whatever their business, they will be looking to find a professional, flexible, driven and focused company that works hard, looks after the client and charges an honest rate.

The Tall Dog scores on all fronts. We work extremely hard to give you exactly what you need, making sure you get the service you deserve. Bespoke tailoring may be for the select few but at the Tall Dog bespoke business support is for NOW, and for EVERYONE!

Our main aim is to help you grow your business, and this can mean many things.  It’s not just about finding new clients for you; it means taking care of the ones you have already. It means making sure that you are organised with your finances, paperwork, employees (if you have them) and have the correct systems and strategies in place to move forward with your business.

It’s about getting your name out there, too, building a good professional relationship and reputation for what you do.

As well as building a customer base,  you need at the same time to maintain the quality, professionalism and reputation that you have built. Growing too quickly without the appropriate systems in place to cope with the growth can be dangerous:  we are ready to step in at whatever level to help you.

We offer a large range of Book Keeping Services, to cater for everyone’s business needs, but if there’s something that you need which isn’t listed (in services offered), it’s not to say that we can’t tackle it.  Contact us and we will see how we can help.

As someone said to me recently, ‘It has made such a difference already just making the call today. It’s the best thing I did. Already I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders … just knowing you are going to sort me out – Thank you.’ Ms L – Midhurst