With the evolution of the Internet, the customer expects your business to have a website, but often because of cost it is not top priority…

We are here to help – to get you on the web, and be part of the evolution.

From Simple Landing Sites to full information sites, we can help. Feel free to look at some of the websites we have developed with clients recently to give them a website that promotes the services that they offer and which they can be proud of.  Some we have designed from scratch from a discussion, and others we have taken their existing website given it an overall and changed it into a new wordpress site for them to manage:

We realise that the days are long gone when you had a website designed,The Tall Dog Website Design Services and then kept going back to the designer to update every little change. That way of doing things would soon become unaffordable … even for a successful, rich company: designers’ time comes at a premium. And because they are expensive to maintain such websites often end up not being kept up to date.

We understand that businesses nowadays need access to their websites at a moment’s notice, and would like to be able to update the content quickly … when they want it changed.

The Tall Dog to the rescue.

Whether you are a business looking to refresh your current website, or need a completely new site designed  … even if all you want to do is replicate your current site as a wordpress site, that you are able to administrate, we can help. We are offering you a service that allows you to control your site and its content.

We will work with you to produce a website that looks the part, says all it needs to say (and more!) and is easy to navigate. Then we can hand it over to you so that you can update it as and when you need to, but knowing that you have advice/support on hand should you need it.

We are very happy to be flexible and work with you to get the best result. And that goes for payment plans, too. We charge a one-off fee for designing a website, which varies according to the complexity of the site you need and whether you incorporate the latest add-ons and widgets, and social media links, and plugins. And then we can arrange for payment by instalments, if that works best. If you did want to ask us to update the content on a regular basis (monthly, say) we would charge hourly for the work.

There is nothing to say that a simpler website cannot be a clear and effective communication tool; such a site would be more affordable, too.