CIS Packages – Construction Industry Scheme

Whether you’re going it alone for the first time, or an established construction worker Construction Industry Scheme Supportgoing mad with all the red tape, you might decide a Tall Dog CIS package is the only way to keep sane!

For all newcomers: if you’re going to be working in any aspect of

Site preparation * Dismantling * Demolition * Construction * Repairs * Painting & Decorating

the Construction Industry Scheme is something you will not only have to think about … it will be a huge part of your daily working life. You will need to register, submit monthly returns, deal with subcontractors and their deductions, not to mention verifying them in the first place … on and on the list goes.

The Tall Dog can take this painful ongoing chore off your back, and even if it seems like just another expense, think how many hours you will save that you can spend earning instead. And when did you last enjoy dealing with paperwork and filling in forms?

We can help you register you with HMRC as self-employed and with the CIS as a contractor and employer. And we’d supply you with a guide telling you exactly what you need to do and the penalties involved if you fail to fulfil those requirements.

On top of the registration process we’d help you with any verification’s you need to make, and we’d calculate the deductions you’re required to make and advise on any payments to be made to HMRC.

We’d also deal with your monthly returns to avoid a failure to return fine (which can be anything from £100 to £3,000  – worth avoiding!). Making sure you get that return in when you’re busy on a job can become a complete nightmare – a constant stress in the background that can only have a negative effect on the quality of your work … let us let you focus on the bit you do best!

We’d take on everything CIS paperwork related: registrations in all the right places; CIS verifications and monthly returns … and a full CIS book-keeping service to meet deadlines, avoid fines and keep on top of HMRC paperwork – including keeping an eye on your VAT threshold in order that we can advise you when you need to register for VAT.

Reading this through has probably been scary enough. Obviously you’ve got to balance how much work you’ve got with what will be the best option for your sanity. Come and talk to us and we’ll try to sort out the best solution with you. If we don’t know your situation, we can’t help … and we know what we’re doing so it’ll take us less time than it’d take you so we might be cheaper than you imagine. We’ll see you soon!

Contact us today to discuss what CIS package we can help you with.