Why the Tall Dog?The Tall Dog

What does the Tall Dog mean? How does it relate to your business? Do we actually support businesses or tall dogs?

Well, when it came to choosing a name for our business, we wanted to find something that was  not only unique and  interesting, which would stay in people’s minds, but also something that actually meant something. The companionship, loyalty and support of a dog is legendary; if you’re a dog owner with first-hand experience, you’ll know it is true. It is that strength of support that we want to be able to offer to our clients, whether they’re working on a business start-up or developing a particular aspect of an up-and-running company.

And we wanted to stand tall and proud and do something positive for our businesses and community … thus the Tall Dog was born!

So, as a dog is man’s best friend, the Tall Dog is the same true, constant ‘best friend’ and companion of any business. Whether that business be at dreaming stage, or whether it needs some support and guidance in times of need, the Tall Dog can be at their side.

We see ourselves as the best friend and companion of any business