Payroll and Workplace Pensions doesn’t need to be complicated, but with the new rules and regulations can often feel like a minefield; from meeting deadlines to avoid penalties and charges, to calculating Auto-Enrolment contributions and working out who should be paid. These are all essential requirements now in when processing your payroll.

The Tall Dog offers you a complete efficient and reliable payroll service that you can trust.  Knowing that you have everything taken care of when it comes to your employees payroll, can alleviate those pressures when it comes to pay days. Our ultimate aim is to make the whole process as smooth & simple as possible.

The Tall Dog will make sure that we keep your payroll 100% compliant with UK payroll legislation. And of course we are fully up-and-running with Real Time Information and Auto Enrollment for Workplace Pensions.

We will process your new employees, check their status with regards to the eligibility for Workplace Pensions and enroll them if required, taking care of the paperwork side things on your behalf.

Our Payroll Services to you will include:

  • Calculations of Payments — Whether you pay your employees weekly, fortnightly or monthly we will put together a solution for you making the process as simple and efficient as possible.  Even if you have ad-hoc payments; we will work with you to achieve the simplest way of providing your pay information, when you need it . Whether it be the last Friday of the month, Every Friday, Monday—whatever day you choose — our aim is to work with you providing the best solution to achieve what you need.
  • We can design forms and spreadsheets to suit your payroll processing, making this easier and quicker to process and understand when paying multiple employees.
  • HMRC Approved Software – we calculate your employees payroll from the latest HMRC software and systems making sure that we have the latest direct information from HMRC for processing your employees payments.
  • Emailing of payslips – you can decide whether you wish us to directly email payslips to your employees or back to you after approval of payment so you can pass on to your employees for the required payment date.
  • Real Time Information submissions are made for you at the right times, avoiding penalties once the payroll has been approved by you.
  • P32 Calculations — We will inform you in advance each month of your HMRC liability and we can monitor those payments for you checking payments and allocations on the HMRC system, once we have become your Agent for payroll.
  • Pension Calculations –  We can administer your pension payments and  liaise with your pension provider (we currently use NEST for our new employers registering a new pension provider).  Alternatively we can provide details to you of what needs to be sent to your pension provider for you to process.  We are happy to work with your pension provider if you have already have a scheme in place.
  • End of Year P60’s  – At the end of the year we will take care of the paperwork so all you need to do is pass this on to your employees, unless you have requested us to do this on your behalf.

To make Payroll easier when dealing with HMRC — Let us become your HMRC PAYE Agent

By sending HM Revenue & Customs a 64-8 form, we can become your agent for all your PAYE matters.  This means we have your permission to discuss any PAYE related matter  direct with HMRC on your company’s behalf. A query over your P35, or any under/overpayment issues for example.

By becoming your PAYE Agent for online services, we can have access to vital payroll related data on your behalf. We can download the latest tax code changes and student loans notices for your staff, and apply them immediately.

If you would like to enquire further about our payroll services email or contact 01730 817518.