There are times, when you’re suddenly extremely busy, when you can feel snowed under by administrative work.

And as much as you need someone right now to help you through the eye of the storm, you may only need them for a very short period of time (a few hours, even, or just for a few days). It makes it really awkward.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to call on someone you can trust – someone who is reliable, accurate and efficient – to keep on top of things, or get things back under control. A person who can turn their hand to anything, who can handle the extra workload, giving you the time and energy to do what you need to do.

The Tall Dog is that person.

We’re only too happy to help. We work with companies on either a regular or an ad-hoc basis (when they can call us, basically), to help with any number of tasks: phone campaigns, emails, organisational support, spreadsheet work, project work, typing … the list goes on.

Whatever the overload, we’ll help if we can. Whatever your requirement, just get in touch (phone or email) and we’ll see what can be done to help you through this busy time.